Deck of Scarlet, Edition No. 1

Instead of choosing a perfume in one of my Scentbird subscriptions this month, I decided to try a Deck of Scarlett palette. I believe this was the March/April palette with Evon Wahab. I have been super curious about these little palettes for quite a while, but didn’t really want to commit to yet another subscription service. When Scentbird started advertising that they were going to be selling them within their sub service I knew I would eventually have to try one.

I finally received my packages yesterday, seems like all of my subscription bags/boxes were late for September. Geeeez. Anyway, the perfume will be another post, this little guy needs all of the attention for today.

This is how I got the look I’m wearing today:

First, I put Sandstorm in my crease and blended it to almost nothingness.

Next I added a little teeny bit of Sunshine just about that and blended it out.

Then, I added Fudge to the crease mixture and on the outer third of my lid and finally, I packed Mermaid on the rest of my lid in a cut crease kind of fashion and blended it into Fudge.

These shadows play so well with each other. They aren’t patchy or stiff and they blend so nicely. I put Fudge along the outer half of my lower lash line and added a little Mermaid and around my tear duct area, I added just the smallest bit of Sunshine.

I lined my eyes with Maybelline Mastersmokey in Emerald Fury and finished the look with Lash Paradise.

Look at that!

For my lips, I lined and filled them in with Almond and added just a smidge of Coral Kisses in the center. These lip glosses shocked me.

When I was playing with them last night, I put my finger in the pan thinking I was going to have to work some sort of wax top off of it to get any kind of color payoff… boy was I mistaken. The shades are opaque and sooooo creamy. They wear well and feel nice on my lips, definitely not what I was expecting.

I used Sandstorm as a bronzer and contour and also used Halo as my highlight, on my cheeks and on my brow bone. While it’s not blinding, it is still beautiful and I believe I could really switch up my eye look if I placed it on the first half of my lid instead of the Mermaid shade. I’ll have to try that and let you know.

I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of this little palette. The packaging is beautiful, sleek and I love, love, love that they figured out a way to separate the cream products from the powder. This makes me so happy. C’mon Morphe. Take note. It can be done.

Have you guys tried anything from Deck of Scarlet? Which one do I need next?




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