Ipsy September 18′

Yes. I like it, Ipsy.

🚨🚨Spoiler Alert.🚨🚨

This post holds the contents of my September Ipsy Bag. ( I realize it’s October, I’m not really sure why my bag is so late. )

The little bag is adorable!

This month I received the Eva NYC Satin Dream Leave in Cream. I’ve never heard of this brand before, looks like it has lots of good for your hair ingredients in it. I’ll be trying it out soon, maybe even try some in Little’s luscious locks.

I also received a Glamour Dolls Eyeliner in Blue. I’ve never heard of these guys either. I kinda like blue on my lower lash line, it makes me feel bad ass. I like that it’s not a wooden pencil, if you’ve ever sharpened one and got a splinter in your eye, you know what I mean. It’s a very unkind situation to say the least….and the reason I refuse to use wooden pencils around my eyes.

The Doucce Blush in RSVP is a pretty blush. I’m wearing it today. It’s worn well thru the day and isn’t patchy or weird. I do like it. It’s soooo soft and creamy. However.

I don’t like the packaging it came in. It’s been a booger to keep inside the little plastic thing and I don’t have a smallish z palette to store it in, which automatically disqualifies it for my makeup bag.

I ended up taping the little blush pan into the plastic.

I love tre’Stique products! I was happy to see this little guy, it’s the Mini Lip Glaze in Mumbai Magenta. It’s kinda balmy, I love the shade. I have it on my lips today. It feels good, and has worn well through out the day.

Lastly, I received the Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer. Against my better judgement, I used this primer/moisturizer this morning before applying my makeup. I think it’s okay. Smashbox stuff usually breaks me out, soooooo there’s that. I like how my makeup looks, it did seem to improve my wear time, but didn’t really improve the look of my makeup- like pores ect. I don’t really know that it’s supposed to?

Overall I think the bag\box is a good one. Definitely worth the 10.00$ for the subscription. I can’t wait to see what next month’s bag brings.

What did you guys get in your subscription bags/boxes this month? Did you get the same things that I did?

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