Masking: Soo’AE Collagen Hydrogel Lip Patch πŸ’‹

Sometimes a girl just needs to put on perfume before she goes to bed.

And not for anyone other than herself.

I tried the Soo’AE Collagen Hydrogel Lip Patch tonight, and it was a little awkward.

It feels like one of those gel things that you put on your window, like the seasonal ones? Little black cats and purple witches hats?

This little lippy mask is supposed to smooth away lines with sea kelp and super berries.

Pros: Β *crickets*


  • It. Won’t. Stay. On. My. Lips. I had to lay down to keep it on my face.
  • After I took it off, there wasn’t a whole lot of serum left to pat in as the instructions said to do.
  • My lips feel the same.
  • They look the same too.
  • meh

Yeaaaa. I’m not so sure about this one.

I have to be honest, I’m pretty sure it didn’t do anything at all.

Anyway, my sweet Momma made me some vegetable spaghetti tonight. It was fantabulous. She’s the greatest.

I’m wearing the last little spray of Masaki Chocolate Mat. It makes me feel good.





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