Nails: Pumpkin Spice🍁🍂

In honor of all things Pumpkin Spice.

Or Clemson. 🧡🐅

I went with an Orange manicure this week.

And it is the perfect Fall nail color.

I used Milani Bijou Bronze and topped it with my trusty HK Girl top coat by Glisten and Glow.

On my toes,  I added a little Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Sparktacular- only on my jacked up toe.

What?? You haven’t heard that story? Well, someone not so little anymore stepped on my foot and my toenail fell off, and is in the process of growing back. TMI, maybe. Besides, you guys are my friends, and I know you won’t tell anyone. (Insert winky face here.) I usually cover it up in some kind of glittery nail polish and you can barely tell anything is wrong with it.

Another reason I’m jonesing for Fall.

Closed toe shoes.

What are you guys rocking on your nails this week?




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