Masking: Facetory and a Mini Review.

Woo, This is my first Facetory unboxing!


I’m so excited to add these guys to my masking series here on Stuff Sunshine Says! You can find previous posts here:  Masking: Juicy Strawberry Glow Mask Review 🍓

and here:Masking: Freeman Calming Lotus & Lavender Oil Sheet Mask Review.

DISCLAIMER: I’ll be sure to be specific when I continue with this series because I do have an affiliate link with Facetory. I have a lot of masks in  my collection and I purchase them often so when I am masking with a Facetory mask, I’ll include it in the description. As I said, the link is an affiliate one, which means if you purchase anything after clicking it, I will get a small commission of the sale. All opinions of Facetory and the masks are my own and have not been swayed by the brand at all.

On to the goods:

Facetory is a sheet mask subscription service that delivers 4 or 7 sheet masks to your door every month. I purchased the 7 Lux box for 19.90$ the 4 mask box is 8.90$.

The packaging is adorable.

The masks come all wrapped up with love, there are 7 masks, and 2 little post cardish cards. The first card is information packed.

It tells you the names of each mask, how to use them, what the key ingredients are and the benefits of the ingredients. I like the attention, detail and effort that goes into these sort of publications.

The other card is the theme for September’s box.

I’m digging it.

Tonight, I’m trying the Facetory Woah that H2O mask.

My skin is sensitive and perpetually dry. I believe it could even be classified as dehydrated especially in the winter months. I do use a moisturizer every morning and night, and I rehydrate during the day with various spray stuffs.

This particular mask comes in two parts, or steps. There is the soothing ampule and the cupra mask. I had to look that word up as I was unfamiliar with just what exactly it is. Cupra is made from cotton, but feels like silk. It’s supposed to be super duper soft. Hmm. I’m liking this already. Anyway, I opened the ampule and patted the contents on my face and then moved on to the mask. Whew. This thing was serum infused for sure! It’s definitely soft. In fact, it may even be softer than the Soo Ae Strawberry mask linked above. There is no discernable scent or smell. I wore it for about 20 minutes.

After I removed the mask, my face was still soaking with serum, it takes a few minutes for it to dry/ soak in. It was sticky or tacky after it did sort of dry- Okay. It was very sticky. So sticky that I had to braid my hair to keep it from getting stuck on my face.

That part wasn’t exactly pleasant but I slept in it anyway and enjoyed the mermaid waves in my hair this morning.

My face feels nice today, I have a few little pimply things going on, but that could be more to do with my skin being sensitive and less to do with the mask itself. My skin feels hydrated, which is exactly what the claims said it would be. I’d definitely try it again.

Have you guys tried Facetory? What did you think?

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