Stuff I’m Loving.


Dang. That kinda started out like that Adele song.

Hello from the other sideeeeeeeee. I must’ve called a thousand times- To tell you I’m sorry, for everything I’ve done.

But when I calll you never seem tobe at hooome..

Anyway. You get it. I like Adele. She’s pretty bad assed.

This is a post about the good stuff. Kinda like a favorites…but Sunshine style. You might find anyhing in these kinds of posts, foods, clothes, music, movies.. makeup for sure. Sayings. Quotes.

Okay, okay. You get it.

I think we should start out with makeup, because ya’ll know I’m all about that life.

Ulta Beauty, Juice Infused Lip Oil in Black Raspberry. Oh. My. Gosh, I love lip oils of all kinds, this one is pretty special…and not THAT kind of special either. There have been times over the last week that this is the ONLY thing on my face. It is smooth, not sticky and definitely feels hydrating. I’ve been putting it on in the morning while I finish my makeup, at night before bed and even after I eat lunch and my lipstick has gone by the wayside. I have even put it on top of lipstick for a glossy healthy lip look. Ulta has tinted versions and also clearish versions as well. Click here.

I’ve been loving Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream, although I think that name is just a teeny bit deceptive. I love a good glowy makeup, evecially one that allows my skin to look like skin and that’s exactly what this is for me. I like looking in the mirror and seeing an even skin tone, but I like to see my little freckle friends as well. I always moisturize my face, let it sit for a minute and then apply with a sponge. I wear the shades 520, 530 and 540. 540 being my summer shade. Usually I mix them all or some and apply depending on my level of paleness or redness that particular day. Oh, they have changed the packaging, but the product is still the same.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer. Soooo, you guys know Winter is coming, right? Ha Ha… I know, I know… Side note: I devoured the GOT books, one by one. Never once watched an episode, I tried, but in the very first one where that dudes head got lobbed off and rolled down the hill? Uh uh . I’m out on that.  Anyway, cooler weather is coming and my skin gets dry. I mean textured and scaley and crinkly dry. I’m trying to circumvent some of that carrying on by moisturizing my face at night and under makeup in the morning. I am loving the way this lotion makes my skin look, barefaced or with a full face of makeup. It wears well under my makeup, you know how sometimes, moisturizers can be too moisturizing and your face makeup slides around all day? This doesn’t do that. It soaks right in.

Freedom Makeup London Pro Melts Lipgloss. I don’t know the shade of this gloss. I believe Freedom Makeup London was a sister company to Makeup Revolution and is now one with them. I looked on the Makeup Revolution website and only saw Pro Melt kits, none of which contained this shade. I’m going to say it’s a peachy nude. This is not a glossy lip gloss, it’s creamy. It’s not sticky, doesn’t have a scent and wells extremely well. It’s not a long wearing lipstick, but I don’t mind that at all. I equate long wearing with dry.dry.dry. I’d rather reapply it and have my lips look healthy.

Zoe Calf Hair D’Orsay Flats I purchased these flats from J Crew and I wish I would have gotten them in every color. I think they would be classy in polka dot as well. They fit true to size, and comfy. I can wear them all day without kicking them off while I’m at my desk.

Lumify Redness Reliever. Ugh. Sjogren’s eyes are sooooooo dry and red. It’s one of the worst parts of my Lupus/Sjogren’s diagnosis. I have tried everything under the sun to make my eyes look healthy and it just doesn’t work, or works and doesn’t last. This little baby, works. And it lasts. It’s expensive, about 17 bucks for 2.5 ml. Hmm. A teaspoon is 5 mls, right? So, 17.00$ for a half a teapoon of magic solution that makes my eyes feel and look bright and white all day? Yes. I will. Please and thank you.

Bvlgari Goldea The Roman Night. Whew, I wish the internet could send smells. This one is sexy and dark. Fragrantica is the best website for perfume or cologne notes, and when I’m trying to decide if I would like a perfume without smelling it, it’s where I head for information. I’m a nerdy one like that. Anyway, the top notes in The Roman Night are bergamot, black pepper, and mulberry. Heart notes are black peony, night blooming jasmine, rose and tuberose. Base notes are patchouli, black musk, vetiver and moss. I knew I would love this perfume because of the moss and vetiver. 

A little note on Notes: So the scents that are the lightest and evaporate the quickest are the top notes, they make the first impression. The middle notes, or heart notes in a fragrance are the second whiffs, they last longer than top notes. And, the base notes are the last scents that you smell. They last the longest and combined with the heart notes, tend to be the main theme of the perfume.

I’ve also been loving: Grape Salad, Fall colors, Little hugs. Setting spray of any kind, Tumeric tea, leggings, bare fingernails, football and cookies.

What have you guys been loving lately? Have you tried any of my favorites?




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