Blog Stuff, Storm Stuff and Other Stuff.

Hurricane Florence is supposed to be here late tonight into early morning. School was cancelled for today because of wind, and I am thankfully leaving work at noon to go be with my family.

So many people are without power now, and it’s not even near us yet.

Weather makes me feel helpless. It makes me feel my absolute smallest, in the grand scheme of things.

There are numerous things I’ve wanted to write about this week and I just haven’t. I missed half day at work on Monday because I FINALLY broke down and went to the doctor, so I feel like I’ve been behind all week.

Let’s catch up.

I finally got my affiliate link for Scentbird. Yay! I’ve LOVED them for years!  Little is back to hating school because he feels like he’s not making friends. PMR  got me the prettiest dress yesterday. Just because. That made me feel pretty special. I love that kind of effort. It feels so real and heartfelt. It’s like hey, I saw this and thought you would like it, so I picked it up for you. How sweet was that? On the germ front:  I feel as though if I have to blow my nose one more time I’m going to throw up. My immune system is indeed trashed from the immunosuppressants, and the end result is that I pick up every little germ and every little germ becomes super villain in my body, making them super hard to shake. In reality, it’s better than flares and constant flu, but damn. Can a girl get a break? On top of all that, my stomach is cramping like a mofo…that’s all I need during a hurricane.

Again, break?

OH, I ordered the new Elements palette from Urban Decay. So much from not buying any makeup in September. Anyway, I’ve only used it once, and I really liked it. Maybe if we don’t get blown away by this storm this weekend, I’ll be able to sit down and experiment with it a little more. I’ve also been playing with Lorac Pro Mega 4 Palette, this one has been in my collection for a minute. Whew. Talk about pigment. Maybe I’ll do a look with it this weekend too. I used it this morning, in a very neutral manner because, well. Work life.

That leads me into another direction, I really like doing the What’s On My Face series. For me, it helps me move thru my collection and that in turn inspires me. But, I don’t really know how to classify or tag those posts, are they tutorials, are they mini reviews? What are they? And should I be in depth reviewing these things? Do people even read blogs for reviews? I’m beginning to wonder if people even read any more? YouTube is one of my main sources for product info, but I’m not a ‘tube kind of creator. Idk. I feel like I want to organize my posts a little differently, like box it all in neatly. But can I do that? Wouldn’t that get boring as far as writing?

In other news,  I’ve been planning lots of posts for my blog. I know, I know.. dear heart, that’s not WRITING lots of posts…again. I’ll get there.

Baby steps, and Rome and all that jazz.

I’m a planner.

That’s how this works.

My Carolina friends, please be safe. ❤️



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