A Pinterest Win: Glittery Eyes

I look to Pinterest for inspiration often, from my work space to makeup to Little’s homework helpers, from clothing and organizing to cooking and painting my nails. I find inspiration there. So, naturally, when I look at a palette and feel sort of lost, I look to Pinterest for help.

Enter The Jacyln Hill Palette. I LOVE this palette, I love the consistency of the shadows, how easy they are to apply, and I really love the shades, what I don’t love is how uninspired by it I am. Ahhh, but your girl, she is a determined one.

I created a subfolder for TJHP and while looking thru it this morning I found this:

This is a perfect look for today, as I’m still toeing the line of going to the doctor for what I feel like is the Middle School Flu Cootie Bug and didn’t really want to go in with crack eye or anything blue. Because you know, watery eyes and runny nose and overall pekidness might not go good with either of those looks.  Plus, you know how I feel about glitter, it makes everything better. Right?

This is how I achieved my look:

I used a fluffy brush and ran a little of this mauvy shade in my crease, Pooter. I really blew it out and carried it up a little higher towards my brow bone, which I then highlighted with Beam. While I was at it, I highlighted my cheeks, nose…whole damn face… like I normally do. This eye shadow makes a phenomenal face highlight. From there I went into, Pukey which is a caramel shade and put it just above shadow Pooter. I really wanted to be able to see both peeking thru. From there, I took a flatter brush and sort of outlined my eye socket with the warmed brown shade, Mocha. I guess it would be kinda like the motion you would make if you were doing a cut crease look, but with brown instead of concealer. I blended that shadow down onto my lid. Then, I barely.. and I mean BARELY dipped my brush into the black shade in the palette, Abyss and patted it lightly on the outer part of lid and on the inner part. Like a halo. I tried to keep it below my crease to keep it from looking like I got socked in the eye. Wheeew, black eyeshadow can get away from me in just a second so I was super duper careful.

I used my pinky to press Stila’s Glitter and Glow, Smokey Storm onto the center of my lid, and used a skinny flat brush to move it around a bit.

For the lower lash line, I used the same sequence of shadows above, except I used an angle brush to tightly smudge the black shadow from the palette all the way across my lower lashes. I also used Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Sleek Onyx to tightline, and smudged it about as well. I used two coats of Catrice Lashes to Kill in Ultra Black, and finished my look with ELF Cheeky lipstick on my lips.

Oh, I used Peachy Cheeky as blush today.

Thought it just fit.

I think this was a Pinterest win. Do you guys Pinterest? Where do you find inspiration?

Thought of the day:



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