Welcome, September.

I’m jonesing for cooler weather and the twinkle of my fireplace. I can’t wait to wear chunky sweaters and snuggle up in a blanket, with my coffee cup in hand and watch the world pass by unaware.

I’m welcoming September.

I have a few September goals, I kinda wanted to run by you guys for the upcoming month… you know like for accountability’s sake..

I want to only buy used this month. I went on a huge Winter/ Fall clothing haul towards the end of last year, and while I am a thrifty, sale only shopper, I really done some damage to my credit card, and that my friends hasn’t been so fun paying off. So, I only want to buy used this month.

I don’t really need anything right now, but if I do decided to have some retail therapy, it can only be at thrift stores and or Goodwill.

I also want to stash shop a little more. I’ve been doing pretty good about doing this, but I don’t want to slack up until everything in my collection has touched my face.

So far, we are going to only buy used, stash shop and lastly.. I want to be present more.

Present on my blog. Present with my Little. Just present. Sometimes, I feel like I check out when I don’t really quite know how to progress and I need to change the way I handle that.

Be present. Make friends, and write.

Do you guys have September goals? Do you share any of mine?

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