The Emily Edit….The Wants Palette

This is my first look with The Emily Edit, Wants palette! ANd I lOOOOOVE it! Check it out below. I know the light is bad, and that my face was out of frame more than it was it in, but… ❤️ I really did enjoy making the videos, however, after trying unsucessfully to up load them into this post all day yesterday, I finally gave up.

Insert not so happy sunshine face here. 😕

I was inspired by Emily Noel’s look from Friday’s video.

This is how I did it.

I highlighted my brow with Cream, because first things first and then put Dues Paid in my crease. I added a little of Laugh Cry slightly above my crease and blended it into Dues Paid. With a thinner elf brush, I added Dark and Early to my outer lid and blended and blended and blended. UI really thought I’d messed up with this shade, but it all turned out perfect. From there, I added a little Side Hustle on the outer half of my lid, right on top of the black. I put a Grateful on the inner lid. I’d blended away most of my highlight so I put that back and added some in the inner corner.  I also blended a teeny smidge of Laugh Cry and Cheer above the crease.

and blended some more.

For my lower lash line, I smudged Corduroy along the outer half and then lined the inner rim with Maybelline Jade Olive Lasting Drama eye liner. I went back over it again with Corduroy, and lastly I used some setting spray on a flat brush and went back into Grateful and smudged it on the other half of my lower lash line.

I mixed up some black and green mascara, added a lippie and that’s my look.

More to come! ❤️

Have you guys tried this palette? What did you think?

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