Full Face One Brand: Wet N Wild ❤️

I’m super excited for today’s post. It’s my first full face one brand on stuffsunshinesays and it’s with one of my favorite OG makeup brands.

Yep, you guessed it.

Wet N Wild.

How smart my readers are! I love it.

Anyway, I started out with primed skin, for this I used the Photofocus Dewy primer. I don’t think it’s quite as dewy as it is luminescent. It made my skin seriously lit.

While I was at Walmart grocery shopping  perusing the makeup isles, I found the new or new to me Mega Cushion foundation, I opted for the shade Light/ Medium.  IT SMELLS SO GOOD. The shade might be a little dark, and on my skin it’s heavy, but it looks nice in photos.

Seems to be common as of late.

(Non filtered and heavy)

I used and really liked, the Photofocus pressed powder in Warm Light to set my face, and contoured with the Coloricon Contouring palette in the shade Caramel Toffee. For blush, I used In A Purple Haze, Ombre Blush. It was okay, couldn’t really ever get clown status with it, but it looked okay after it was all said and done. For my highlight, I initially used the Megaglo Highlighting Bar in Air, and topped it…because I’m extra af like that…with the Loose Highlighting powder in Written in the Stars.

NASA called… they want their stars back…..

I filled in my brows with the Coloricon pencil in Tame.

For my eye look, I used Earth.

Whew. It’s pretty awesome.

First, I used the matte brown in my crease and on my lower lash line.

I put the bronzey shade on the outer third of my lid and layered the teal shade on top and slightly beyond, I also put it the inner corner.

Next, I packed the rust shade in the middle and sprayed my brush with setting spray for the gold. I placed it in the inner portion of my lid and used the loose powder to highlight.

My gracious, that shadow is so awesome, the blur behind me is pretty cool too. 🧡

I might need to go get the other 3 palettes.

I used Coloricon Mascara in the brown shade, and lined my eyes with my normal white pencil, which is NOT Wet N wild. I couldn’t find the Wet N Wild pencil and I didn’t want to go all the way back to town.

For lips, I used Mega Last Liquid Catsuit in Nudie Patootie and topped that with Virgo.

I think the look is beautiful, think I’ll try the same look, but with different foundation, because the Cushion one was super heavy.

Have you guys tried any of these products? What about the other palettes in the Zodiac collection?


Happy Saturday.

Sunshine. ❤️

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