Super Duper Lip Gloss Dupes so close it hurts. 💋

Happy Tuesday. Wednesday.

I heart a good dupe. Today I have 2 super duper so close it hurts, dupes.

The first is for Buxom Full on Lip Cream in White Russian. I love this lip gloss. I like it on top of lipstick and on plain ol lips. It’s not sticky at all, smells like cake and of a burny tingly factor from 1-5 it’s about a 2, okay maybe it’s a 3.

It’s also a cool $21.00 at Sephora.

Twenty one dollars for lip gloss?????

In my defense, it is a cult classic and.. well, really, um,  insert lame excuse for spending $21.00 on lipgloss here…..YOUTUBE made me do it. Anyway, I like it. I’ve liked it so much that I’m almost out of it…and who does better dupe research than a female that’s almost out of a $21.00 lip gloss?


I found a few, some super close and one so damn close it hurts.

I know I said two, I’ll get there, I promise.

Not in any particular order.

  1. Ulta Butter Balm/Belle * I started not to include this gloss because Ulta has discontinued it. However, I decided to do it anyway, because if you have it, it is a pretty spot on match for White Russian. Burny Tingly factor 0.
  2. Covergirl Colorliscious/Melted Toffee * Sooooo close. Burny Tingly factor 0. $5.49 at Walmart.
  3. Hard Candy Plumping Serum/ Pink Cadillac * Whew, even closer. Taste sweet, no Burny Tingly factor ehhh, theres a little something happening, we’ll say it’s maybe a .5? It’s not sticky at all. Not plumping at all either. $6.00 Walmart.
  4. LA Colors Moisturizing Lip GLoss/ Bare* $1.00 at the DG. One dollar. No Burny Tingle Factor. Smells a little weird, but dissipates quickly.
  5. Broadway Colors Elixir Lipgloss/ French * So damn close it hurts. This one is the real deal, without the Burny Tingly factor. It wears well, feels smooth matches White Russian spot on and it’s only $2.00 at the DG.

So sorry Buxom… I love my White Russian…..but these are so close. I just can’t.


Here’s another super duper so close it hurts dupe.

Charlotte Tillbury Lip Lustres are sooooo luxurious, man, they make my lips feel full and soft and really just perfect. However, with a $22.00 price tag… I use it sparingly. I ordered some stuff from Flower Beauty recently and they totally threw this gloss in. It’s their Galaxy Glaze in Soleil. I have to tell you, if I could have done cartwheels.. I seriously would have done a cartwheel. They’re pretty spot on, Soleil is a litle more rosier in a swatch- but on the lips they look same. Both are gorgeous. Flower Beauty Galaxy Glazes are $9.99 at Ulta. (And, you get points too.) Neither have Burny Tingly factors, and neither have a discernable scent. Both are pretty stinking awesome.

What do you think? Do you guys have any super duper so close it hurts dupes for higher end stuff?

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