My Favorite Brushes, Eye Edit.

One of my favorite parts of putting makeup on my face is doing my eye shadow. It is here that my makeup mood is created. There are times when I rock no eyeshadow at all and there are times when I rock the mostest. That’s makeup mood.

I think I’ll just go in order of how I do my eye makeup, say we’ll start with brows then crease, highlight, lid and work our way to bottom lashes.

I’ve been using the same brow brush for 10 years. I probably should check in on purchasing another one, but… I haven’t. I have tried others, I’m just partial to this one. It’s the Bodyography Pro Brow Brush. The spoolie is MIA… but the brush itself is still on point.

When I want that super sharp, crispy Instagram sort of brow, or now when I attempt a cut crease, I use the AOA Studio E23.

Another $1.00 find. The description says it’s an eyeliner brush. It’s rounded, and flat, so yours truly uses it as a concealer brush. I know, I know…. rule breaker.

I normally do my crease first and for that I like to use this little guy. I thought it was a Shany Cosmetics brush, but after looking at it closer, I don’t know who it’s from. It has 217 on the end of it, but no other markings. Could it be a Mac 217? I’m not sure, I use it along with The Shany EC001. Which looks exactly like the 217. (I received these Shany brushes from my big brother for Christmas a few years ago and they are totally bad ass.)

Next, I do my highlight. I know, right?? Who does their brow bone highlight first?

Me. There is no rhyme or reason, I just like it that way. I really like the Elf Dome shaped brush for this task. The OLD Elf brushes, the white ones with silver or gold ferrules. Those were the best. EVER.

After I do my highlight, I go back over where the highlight and the crease shade meet with this Angled Blender from Shany, It’s numbered EB005. This step is extra, but it really blows the crease shade out and makes the transition seamless. This brush just fits my eye shape perfectly. (Thanks again Bro.)

For my lid, I like a flat, sort of fluffy kind of brush. But Sunshine, you ask… how can a brush be flat yet fluffy? It can be, Let me show you.

If you have small lid real estate like I do, using a smaller brush is imperative, otherwise all of that bad ass blending will be for naught. These are my favorite lid brushes.  Morphe, M135. This is the flat/fluffy brush.

I usually use it in the center of my eye lid.

For the inner and outer corner, I like this OG ELF flat brush. It’s effective for getting shadow into the corners of my eye. The bristles are soft and full and pack shadow beautifully.

For my lower lash line, I like this baby brushe form Morphe, M151. I usually use it with one of the Mystery 217 brushes or the Shany EC001, and the results are always favorable.

Anyway, these are my favorite tried and true eye brushes.

What are your favorite brushes?

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