My Favorite Brushes, Face Edit.

I love makeup brushes.

Big surprise there. ❤️

These are my favorite face brushes.

I usually do my foundation with a sponge. This is a dirty Flower Beauty blender thingy. I think it’s 9.00$ at Walmart? Or you can order it on the Flower Beauty website for about the same. I’ve been reaching for it more than the Real Techniques one or the AOA one. That one is a lottle rough.

This is Walmart’s stock photo.

( It’s shown used up above. )

I set my face with this big fluffy and beautiful BH Cosmetics brush. It’s a part of the Ashley Tisdale Illuminate Collection, I believe it’s numbered 1. It quickly became my favorite for powder. Look at that color! Totally matches my nails. 🙂

I use a very old and very loved Makeup Revolution stipple brush for blush, otherwise I go ham and look like I’m on my way to clown try outs. It’s officially called the Makeup Revolution Stipple brush, # F103.

When I contour, if I contour…I love the ELF Small Tapered Brush, it just fits my face shape and it’s an amazing blender.

Ooooh. now for my favorite part of my face makeup application. It’s all about that highlight life….I love the Morphe B13 for my highlight. It’s sooooo fluffy!

And it’s only 5 dollars. That’ always helps.

To sort of blend everything together and to brush the fallout from my brow and eye products away, I use this little guy. I think he’s an OG Real Techniques brush from 6 or maybe even 7 Christmas’s ago? It came in a little set that I was immediately attracted to because hot pink and purple leopard.

Anyway, these are my tried and true face brushes. The OG.

(I only wash my brushes in goats milk soap…. for me,  it has been the best at cleaning and preserving the integrity of the bristles.)

What are your favorite face brushes?


Sunshine ❤️

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