Monday, Monday, Monday and finding the good.

Today feels like Monday. Monday felt like Monday, Tuesday felt like Monday. Ugh, don’t even get me started on yesterday, because it was the Monday-est day ever. It’s been the week from hell.

🎉Insert happy Friday cheer here!🎉

Anyway, I’m finding and re finding the good.

Some of my favorite things this week have been:

  1. Dresses. Comfy, soft, worn in dresses.
  2. Makeup graveyard eye palettes.
  3. Leo’s chicken wings picnic style with Little and my Mister.
  4. Covergirl lipstick. Yes, regular creamy OG lipstick in the shade 200, Sultry.
  5. Stripes.

I’ll explain.

I’m a clothes junky. I love clothes, from the thriftiest of thrifty to Goodwill to department stores and boutiques. And while I’m usually pretty sunshiny in disposition, clothes just make me happier. However, recently I’ve become much more aware of my fashion spending and have decided to sort of closet shop. It’s been a dress week. I’ve been so comfy in cute, summer dresses topped with a denim jacket or a pawpaw sweater and t straps.

And lots of stripes. I heart stripes.

Today. 🌻

The makeup in my makeup graveyard is makeup storage that I rotate thru. Every week I change it up, with the exception  of foundation. The graveyard is usually where foundation goes to perish. Anyway, the concept is the same as closet shopping. This way I’m constantly re discovering the good stuff. I pulled out a few palettes to play and have been loving the looks I’ve created this week.

The first is the Covergirl Tru Naked Sunsets palette. Ooooh, because who doesn’t love a good pink- red crack eye? I’ve also been using the Wet N Wild Nude Awakening palette, those mattes though… Annnnnd. The Urban Decay and Gwen Steffani palette. It’s always been a favorite. Again, it’s all about the mattes. This morning I’m rocking a wing and mascara, because it’s Friday- and I’ve been awake since 430am.

Oh and my lipstick, it’s been an all weeker. I’m thinking I might need to find a backup. The bullet is getting slimmer and slimmer on this one. Cover Girl OG lipstick in Sultry.

I’m a spicey girl and I love hot wings. Tery hot to be exact. Mister and I shared 12 and Little had strips. Picnic style.

(I didn’t get a picture of my wings. Sorry. I was hangry. )

Those two can always make a bad day better.

What have you guys been loving this week?



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