Perfume is my “thing”.

Okay, maybe everything beauty related is my gig. Well, except fake eye lashes and those things were made in the depths of hell, by Satan himself. I can’t do it. I tried twice. The first time, I didn’t think the glue was sufficient, or something was off because they wouldn’t stick on the inner corner of my eyes. That was a big fat fail. The second time, I purchased big daddy super strong eye lash glue and glued my eyelid to my bottom lashes. That was a big fat fail too.

Otherwise, I love girly stuff.

Especially perfume. 🌹

A few years ago, when I wrote over at Sunshine’s Beauty, I reached out to Scentbird and they sent me my first fragrance to review.

It was Si, by Georgio Armani.

Sidenote: I still wear this perfume. I’ve been thru 2 bottles of it in 3 years. It is sex on a stick, and I get complimented on it all the time.

I’ve been a paying subscriber ever since.

Scentbird is a perfume lovers d r e a m. I have a full year in my que and I get 2 perfumes a month. I also get makeup or something other than perfume and cologne for the Mister on the second subscription. Both subscriptions together are $50.00 dollars.

And worth every penny.

Today I’m wearing Burberry London.

It’s definitely floral and soft. Maybe it’s the name, “London”, but those London kinds of days are the days I reach for this perfume. Imagine the Monday all day kinds of days, and you just want a hug and a sweater and a cup of coffee.. Something warm and fuzzy. Cozy.

That’s London.

What kinds of perfumes/colognes are you guys loving right now? Are you a moody perfume/cologne wearer? Have you tried Scentbird? What did you think?

🚨Disclaimer 🚨Disclaimer 🚨Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by or otherwise affiliated with Scentbird in any way, other than I think they’re a pretty cool company and I love their product. ❤️


(However, Scentbird, if you are reading this…..this girly really loves you guys and you know…. I like to write too….hint hint hint.)



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