I’m so over summer.

Yes. Me. Your summertime loving, bathing suit wearing, no closed toed shoes until September, cold weather hating, Lupus surviving, base ball cap wearing, mermaid-ish author….is over summer.

It’s hot y’all!

I swear SC has felt like the depths of hell for the last month and I am over it.

School starts back on Friday, my one and only Little will officially be a Middle Schooler. If the hotter than hell weather doesn’t suck the summer time right out of ya, the realization that you have kiddo in middle school certainly will!

I need orange leaves, football and cooler nights at the track. I need jewel tone nails and smokier makeup and to be able to wear my hair down and not die from the heat of it all! Pawpaw sweaters over summer dresses with chucks and a boggin. That’s what I need.

I’m over it.

Sending you lots of Fall love. A whole month in advance. I can almost smell pumpkin spice everything in the air.



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