Nails: Negative Space. A Pinterest Win.

I tried to recreate a negative space nail look I saw on Pinterest and this is what happened.

My inspiration.

There’s no special way to do it, or even special tools. I used a bobby pin, a head pin (the jewelry making kind) and the actual nail brush. I looked thru my nail polish and randomly decided on 8 polishes.


7 and silver glitter.

Plus topcoat.

I dabbed and dotted and mixed and dipped until I was happy with each nail. It was so fun and loose, haphazard. I REALLY enjoyed it.

I can’t wait to try this technique with Clemson colors. Ooooh. Or a monochromatic kind of thing!?

I’m so excited.

Nail Polish I used:

LA Colors: There’s no name. It’s just blue.

Nina: Solar flare

Wet N Wild: Lay out in lavender.

Sally Hansen: Camel-ot.

Milani: Spotlight white.

China Glaze: Pool party.

Sinful Colors:Pinup Pink.

LA Colors: There’s no name. It’s just silver glitter.

Best top coat ever of life: HK Girl/ Glisten and Glow

Thought of the day:


Sunshine ❤️

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