Radiate Energy, The Aura Palette

I woke up stupid early this morning and decided to play in makeup, this is not unusual, I wake up stupid early and play in makeup every day.

Errrrrrt. (Insert squeally tire sounds here.)

Let’s rewind.

A few months ago, (Yes. Months ago.) I purchased a few palettes from the Shop Hush app. One was supposed to be a Huda Beauty dupe, I can’t recall the name. One was the ABH Subculture dupe Retro Love and one was the dupe for the ABH Prism palette. The Aura .

This mid week work day adventure involves the Aura Palette.

Sooo pretty.


FF to my stupid early morning.

Coffee please.

Usually my plan of attack for work makeup is no eyeshadow, just mascara and nude or white eyeliner, nude lipstick and a pinkish blush. Done and out of the door.

Sometimes, I add eyeshadow.

You know how certain people will try the same things in a restaurant regardless of where they are in the world or what’s on the menu? Pimento cheese. Hot dogs. Wings. Anything mushroom swiss.

I’m one of those people.

I’m also that person when it comes to yellow eyeshadow.

I have to try it.

And for some reason, unbeknownst to me….I’m just now getting around to trying the Aura palette and that awesomesauce yellow eye shadow.

“Staccccccy, Staccccccy… Sunshinnnnnnnnne.”

Whew, that yellow shadow, appropriately named Energy, was calling my name.

“Use meeeeee on this random work day. I know it’s early, I know you don’t have a backup plan, I knooooooow. Pick meeeee. Sunshinnnnnne.”

So I did.

Girl, I couldn’t get it to stick!

I tried every trick known to man to get it to stay on my eye and it just wouldn’t. Really, the coppery shade I chose to halo it with, called Radiate, didn’t stick either. It’s all over my cheeks and under my eyes, but not really on my eye lid.

After many many touch ups.

I didn’t have a back up plan, nor time to implement one even if I did, so I wore it to work anyway, but I have been grossly dissatisfied with the look all day. I guess I’ll have to play with it more and try different primer? It just sort of poofs away.

I just don’t know.

Radiate and Energy.

Well, the names are beautiful, they swatch beautiful and they are beautiful in the pan, probably on the eye too, I just need to work with them when I’m not so rushed.

Maybe on a weekend.

Have you guys tried any of these palettes? How do you make them work? What sorcery do I need to get this yellow on my eyelid?

Thought for the day:



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