Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner: Review 💋

I’ve always been a lipstick kinda girl, but I haven’t always been a lip liner kind of girl. Until now. Wet n Wild has come out with the BIG DADDY of lip liners and I kinda think I need them all. Lets get into the pros: Oh my gosh, and they’re not going to break the […]

August Scentbird

My August Scentbird is here! * I know, you’re like August? Really? It’s mid September dear girl.. I get it. I’m not sure why this post was in my trashed category- but alas….it was. My BF got Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue, and I got Kat Von D Saint.   *The 2 photos above are […]

Masking: Freeman Calming Lotus & Lavender Oil Sheet Mask Review

Whew, that was a mouthful. I’m maskin’ today. I like face masks. I’m not so crazy about sheet masks, but I’ll use them all the same. Maybe I have a little peanut head or something because I never feel like they fit correctly on my face. They are just plain big. This one is too. […]

Indie Love: Moon Glimmer Cosmetics

Indie Love: Moon Glimmer Cosmetics

I am a sucker for Indie make up. A few years ago, I was on Etsy searching for new things to try, and I stumbled across Moon Glimmer Cosmetics. I placed an order, did my Indie Spotlight on the blog and the rest is history. I recently came across that little bag of pigments and […]

Stuff I’m Loving.

Helllo…… Dang. That kinda started out like that Adele song. Hello from the other sideeeeeeeee. I must’ve called a thousand times- To tell you I’m sorry, for everything I’ve done. But when I calll you never seem tobe at hooome.. Anyway. You get it. I like Adele. She’s pretty bad assed. This is a post […]

Blog Stuff, Storm Stuff and Other Stuff.

Hurricane Florence is supposed to be here late tonight into early morning. School was cancelled for today because of wind, and I am thankfully leaving work at noon to go be with my family. So many people are without power now, and it’s not even near us yet. Weather makes me feel helpless. It makes […]

A Pinterest Win: Glittery Eyes

A Pinterest Win: Glittery Eyes

I look to Pinterest for inspiration often, from my work space to makeup to Little’s homework helpers, from clothing and organizing to cooking and painting my nails. I find inspiration there. So, naturally, when I look at a palette and feel sort of lost, I look to Pinterest for help. Enter The Jacyln Hill Palette. […]

Top Five: Blush

Top Five: Blush

Blush saves me. It’s amazing how that little wash of rosiness can bring me back to the living within seconds. On my worst just fake it til you make it kind of day.. It’s my I didn’t sleep, don’t feel like eating, I look pale and worn secret keeper. Here are my top 5: ELF Baked […]

Clemson Eyes, BH Cosmetics 🧡

I’m so glad you guys are my friends from afar today, really this whole week. To say I’ve been under the weather is an understatement. My immunocompromised little self could barely handle elementary school germs, now we have middle school germs and they are pretty mean. Whew, let me tell ya. I’ll be the first […]

Welcome, September.

I’m jonesing for cooler weather and the twinkle of my fireplace. I can’t wait to wear chunky sweaters and snuggle up in a blanket, with my coffee cup in hand and watch the world pass by unaware. I’m welcoming September. I have a few September goals, I kinda wanted to run by you guys for […]